Home Burial Instructions

  1. You are permitted to bury your pet in your yard, even within Ottawa city limits, provided you own the property, or have permission from the owner of the private property.
  2. If you are unable to bury your pet within a few hours of their death, it is advisable to keep the body in a cold storage area.
  3. It is recommended to dig the hole at least 4 feet deep, but also 4 feet above the ground water table, and cover with at least 4 feet of earth.
  4. Avoid rocky areas and tree roots.
  5. Maintain a 100 foot separation from wells or waterways.
  6. Also be aware of any buried water, gas, or power lines.
  7. Do not bury in a low-lying area, gully, or ditch that is prone to flooding.
  8. You can bury your pet wrapped in a natural fibre blanket, cardboard, or wooden box. Avoid synthetic fibres and plastic bags.
  9. For added protection from wild animals, you may choose to cover the burial spot with rocks.