Additional Staff

Our occasional staff team is comprised of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants who work when our core team is not available, therefore often on evenings and weekends. Rest assured that these dedicated individuals will provide the same high level of professionalism and compassion as our full-time staff.


Dr. Allison Peckham

Dr. Allison Rouselle

Dr. Allison Stapley

Dr. Isabelle Lachance

Dr. Karin Kubicek

Dr. Nadia Ouellette

Dr. Suzanne Chenard Albrecht

Dr. Vanessa Papiernik

Dr. Ruby Wong

Dr. Brad Gottlieb

Veterinary Technicians

Ioanna, RVT

Kaitlyn, RVT

Krysten, RVT

Sabrina, RVT

Grace, RVT

Melanie, RVT