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Bonnie L

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Bonnie Laplante

Adopted: September 8th 2012 at the age of 2 - October 14th 2018

Originally Bonita, Bonnie began her life as a stray in Cozumel, Mexico. Her soon to be parent Chelsea saw her picture online and instantly fell in love. She immediately found a friendship like no other in Bailey, the other dog in her new residence. Bonnie loved being a family dog and took great pleasure in running around her cottage and hunt camp on the weekends. The wonderful team at Claire Place Veterinary Hospice was able to help give Bonnie a peaceful passing. Her owners held her and talked about going up to the cottage one last time as she took her last breath. She will be greatly missed by Nash and Colt, the two kids she fiercely protected and her parents Chelsea and Scott, who miss her more than words can describe. And she will be forever missed by Bailey, her soul mate and best friend.