Tenets of Companioning the Bereaved


Dr. Lianna Titcombe will have the opportunity to participate in Dr. Alan Wolfelt's full day workshop this week, "The Art of Campanioning the Mourner: Care versus Cure". Dr. Wolfelt is a noted author who has written more than 50 best-selling books, educator, grief counselor, and founder and director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition. “Mourning in our culture isn’t always easy. Normal thoughts and feelings connected to loss are typically seen as unnecessary and even shameful. Instead of encouraging mourners to express themselves, our culture’s unstated rules would have them avoid their hurt and ‘be strong.’ But grief is not a disease. Instead, it’s the normal, healthy process of embracing the mystery of the death of someone loved. If mourners see themselves as active participants in their healing, they will experience a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in life.” Dr Alan Wolfelt