Memory Wall

Bella G



2005 - December 16, 2017

Bella walked into my life as a foster dog in 2009, but never left.

We spent hours going for walks rain, snow, or cold she did not care.  She was on a mission to sniff everything in her reach and find any bit of food that may have been discarded. 

She loved sniffing and perusing the parameters of any fenced area and would alert us of any new smells she had found by letting out a few howls.  She would also bay loudly when she was excited, like every time I would show her her harness, which meant we were going for a walk.  She was also a great helper in the kitchen, she made sure that no crumbs of food where left behind on the floor.  

She was my best friend, my companion, my therapist and my partner.  She gave me her unconditional love and I will always be grateful for that.

I miss her so much, but she no longer enjoyed life (kidney failure) so it was time to let her go and cross that rainbow bridge.  She is now able to chase rabbits, squirrels and whatever else is out there, and be reunited with Jack, Buddy and Leo.