Memory Wall

Macy H



November 2001 - August 2017

I am finally able to sit down and write about our sweet girl Macy. You visited us in late August on a beautiful sunny day. Macy spent the morning perusing her yard . Not a care in the world, loving the sun and warmth. Smelling all the scents that she loved so much. We still miss her dearly. Still look for her when we come home. Macy was so smart and so loving. She came to us as a puppy. Just 8 weeks old. A bundle of cute. As a family she came just at the right time. Four kids that longed for a pet . Playing a big part in the blending of our family. Just softening everyone and allowing us all to have a common love. We often called her our "love child" . The newness of having a dog never wore off for our kids. Still into their adulthood would arrive home looking for Macy. And was always the center of our family get togethers. No where has there been a dog so loved by 6 people. She was loved so much and reciprocated in her own quirky way. I swear she knew each of her family members by smelling our morning breath. Quirky yes but loyal beyond words. Macy was one of a kind and we were so lucky to have her for so long. Almost 16 years. Incredible.  ❤