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Jar Jar


Jar Jar

18 December 2017

The house is missing a breath, a "miaou" a purr.. I miss him terribly. 

​Today I lost my BFF , my soul mate. He had cancer in his liver, his pancreas, a kidney etc.  Damn cancer!

He was the gentlest, "purriest" cat and as I went today through our morning routine and took the opportunity to hug and kiss him , ​I started remembering where he came from and how we have grown together...how much he has taught me.... TTouch, patience, dealing with a long term illness, ..and all the activities he witnessed, the smell of dog when I came back from evaluating or meeting new dog or at fundraisers, the human visitors in the house and a few dogs, the star wars boot, the cats I feed outside, the cat sitters, my absences, the foster cats, the new cat, the stones on the bladder, the IVs, the pills, the change of diet, getting dressed at weird hours to take him to emergency, ... 

Sweet JarJar... people are still asking me how to write your name...