Memory Wall



"INDY"   (male German Shepherd)

Feb 10, 2005-Dec 9, 2017

He was not just a dog. He was my partner and best friend. He was the most unique, calm, kind, loving and one of the most intelligent german shepherds that I have ever owned or have ever seen. He would be calm and gentle around small barking dogs or any dogs and actually helped guide them to see that they didn't have to bark! He loved children (although he had never really been around them), he watched tv - "Frasier" with the Jack Russell Terrier "Eddie" - Indy would give me a dirty look if I dared to change the channel if it was on! He watched my every move to be sure that I was ok. If I coughed or sneezed - he would get up immediately to try to help me somehow. There is just so much more, he really loved me. I miss him every moment and he is irreplaceable.